A short morning walk over Bindon Hill from Lulworth Cove during a weekend trip to Dorset.
Date: 14th May 2016 Distance: 7.32km (4.55 Miles) Parking: Lulworth Car Park
Start Location: Lulworth Ascent (m/ft): 270m (886ft) Weather:


Time Started: 09:15 Highest Point: Bindon Hill (168m/551ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 1 Hour 58 Munites        
Route: Lulworth Cove - South West Coast Path - Fossil Forest - Mupe Rocks - Bindon Hill (168m/551ft) - West Lulworth - Lulworth Cove

Beautiful rock formations around Stair Hole at the start of the walk.

Stair Hole.

Grand folds of rock below the view point.

Stair Hole, with the Isle of Portland in the distance.

Lulworth Cove from the viewpoint.

Bindon Hill directly ahead. Die to a landslip a while back the Coastal Path is closed up to the summit from this side (official diversion is round to West Lulworth then up to the top) but today we are heading along the shore line round Lulworth Cove and approaching from the right hand side.

Looking back to the view point from the other side of Lulworth Cove. Notice the group of people Coasteering on the left.

A wider shot towards the tourist part of Lulworth Cove.

A panoramic shot of Lulworth Cove. Click to see larger version.

Another Panoramic shot from further along the coastal path.

Spectacular views from the edge.

A full 360 degree panorama from the other side of Lulworth Cove. Click for larger version.

On the path above Fossil Forest. Unfortunately no access down there.

As the name would suggest, lots of fossils.

Rings Hill above Worbarrow Bay.

Worbarrow Tout on the other side of the bay.

A spectacular view of Mupe Rocks.

And aonther shot showing the nearby hills too.

A beautiful panorama overlooking Mupe Rocks with Bindon Hill on the left. Click for larger version.

Mupe Bay looking beautiful.

A panoramic shot of Mupe Bay. Click for larger version.

Mupe Rocks.

Zooming in on Mupe Rocks.

Lots of land slips along the coast here.

Almost at the top of the very steep path to Bindon Hill. Portland way over in the distance and Lulworth Cove to the right.

A close up shot of Lulworth Cove. Lots of people on the viewpoint.
Lulworth Castle from near the top of Bindon Hill.

East along the coastline to Rings Hill and Gold Down.

Gold Down and Worbarrow Tout.

Rings Hill - you can quite easily make out the ramparts of an ancient iron age fort on the summit.

Lulworth Camp.

A monument just by the summit of Bindon Hill. The actual top is just by the metal poles.

Beautiful dorset countryside.

Hambury Tout with its several ancient burial mounds on the summit and its very busy path to Durdle Door.

West Lulworth.

And lastly a close up of the church in West Lulworth.