A superb walk along Kimmeridge Bay to Tyneham Cap.
Date: 29th October 2016 Distance: 10.2km (6.33 Miles) Parking: Car Park above Kimmeridge
Start Location: Kimmeridge Ascent (m/ft): 362m (1188ft) Weather:


Time Started: 09:55 Highest Point: Tyneham Cap (167m/548ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 4 Hours 47 Minutes        
Route: Kimmeridge - Kimmeridge Bay - South West Coast Path - Tyneham Cap (167m/548ft) - Kimmeridge

The church in Kimmeridge.

Autumn colours.

Still signs of summer about though!

A view down to Kimmeridge Bay and to our highest point on todays walk; Tyneham Cap.

Tyneham Cap.

The Clavell Tower.

Kimmeridge Bay from the Clavell Tower.

The Clavell Tower and its original location where it was moved from in 2006-8 to save it from falling over the cliff which is right behind me!

Back onto the coast path.

Heading around Kimmeridge Bay - time to take a look on the beach for fossils!

The brittle crumbing cliff face.

Fossils are easy to find on the beach here.

Back on the coastal path and now into the range walks. This is the route to Tyneham Cap.

Gad Cliff.

Looking spectacular as we gain height.

Look forward to walking over those in the future!

Tyneham Cap summit - a bench with a superb view!

Zooming in on Gad Cliff.

Kimmeridge Bay from Tyneham Cap.

The ridge route back to the car park.