A short wqalk around the village of Nayland on the Suffolk and Essex boarder.
Date: 2nd September 2016 Distance: 5.64km (3.5 Miles) Parking: Roadside Near Church
Start Location: Nayland Church Ascent (m/ft): 82m (269ft) Weather:


Time Started: 12:00 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 55 Minutes        
Route: Nayland - Court Knoll (Earthwork) - Water Lane - Stour Valley Path - Nayland

Details on the earthworks just next toNayland called Court Knoll. It just so happens that a small group were excavating the earthworks to find out more about the remains.

The site of excavation which should locate an ancient chapel and manor house.

A Mill converted into a house by the River Stour.

The River Stour back in Nayland.

The wier just towards the end of the walk.