Its been about 6 years since I was last up on Dow Crag and I have been wanting to head up there for a while now.
Date: 13th September 2016 Distance: 12.1km (7.51 Miles) Parking: Car Park at Walna Scar Road
Start Location: Walna Scar Road Ascent (m/ft): 750m (2461ft) Weather:

Partly Sunny

Time Started: 10:30 Highest Point: Dow Crag (778m/2552ft) Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 4 Hours 14 Minutes        
Route: Walna Scar - Banishead - Banishead Quarry - Walna Scar Road - Walna Scar (621m/2037ft) - Brown Pike (682m/2238ft) - Buck Pike (744m/2441ft) - Dow Crag (778m/2552ft) - Goats Hause - Goats Water - The Cove - Walna Scar Road - Walna Scar

All is grey and murky at Walna Scar Car Park at the moment. That's The Bell just over there.

Zooming in on The Bell.

Before heading up into the fells we wanted to go and explore a quarry nearby that might have a lovely waterfall to see too. The quarry just ahead is Banishead Quarry near Torver and only a mile or so from the Walna Scar Car Park.

A balancing act!

Old quarry remains.

Well I wasn't expecting something a beautiful as this! Simply stunning!

Zooming in on the waterfall.

Later in the day we were speaking to a local who told us about a tunnel that lets you enter the pool (if you dont mind getting wet!).

The waterfall itself was created when a couple of children removed the rocks along the side of the beck and diverted it this way into the quarry.

Heading up to the Walna Scar Road. Cloud may be clearing a little...

And ten minutes later it was blue skies above. Thats Brown Pike over there.

The Old Man of Coniston.

Torver Bridge along Walna Scar Road.

All is looking beautiful towards Goats Hause.

Dow Crag now clearing.

Brown Pike.

Cloudy to hot sunshine in 30 minutes.

Walna Scar mountain and road.

The mini shelter along the Walna Scar Road just near the top.

Its a shame the haze is so strong today. You can just make out Harter Fell and the Sca Fells.

Harter Fell.

The Sca Fells.

The summit cairn on Walna Sca looking south to White Maiden, White Pike and Caw.

The cairn with a view to Eskdale behind.

And another shot this time with Dow Crag, Buck Pike and Brown Pike (the fells I will be up soon!) behind.

Buck Pike as seen from Brown Pike.

The summit cairn on Brown Pike.

And again looking to Buck Pike and Coniston Old Man.

South west towards Caw.

Blind Tarn.

Blind Tarn and Brown Pike.

Buck Pike summit cairn with Dow Crag behind.

Thats Coniston Old Man behind now.

Dow Crag ahead. You can just make out people on the top.

Swirl How and Great Carrs.

Goats Water far below. Thats my route down you can see there by the lake.

Plunging crags.

This is actually near the top of South Rake.

Coniston Old Man and Goats Water.

Well... the route is definately not down there...

The jagged rocks forming the actual summit of Dow Crag.

A view down into the Duddon Valley with Harter Fell.

South along the line of fells.

Heading for Goats Hause.

Grey Friars and Swirl How.

Nearly at Goats Hause. Thats Goats Water and Dow Crag.

Dow Crags from Goats Hause.

All is calm at Goats Water.

Reflections in the water.

A final shot from just near the end of the walk showing whats left of Boo Tarn. All overgrown now.