A lovely walk around Kersey and to photograph Lindsey Castle.
Date: 6th February 2017 Distance: 6.71km (4.17 Miles) Parking: Roadside at Kersey
Start Location: Kersey Ascent (m/ft): 130m (427ft) Weather:


Time Started: 11:30 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 26 Minutes        
Route: Kersey - Kersey Tye - St James' Chapel - Kersey Priory (Remains of) - Kersey

Kersey Church.

The church sits up on the hill overlooking Kersey.

Kersey is filled with ancient buildings like this one dating to 1490 down by the ford.

Another old building along the route.

Inside the 13th Century St James' Chapel.

A view back to Kersy Church up on the hill.

And as I was almost back at Kersey I saw on the map Priory (remains of) so tried to have a look. This is all I could see through the trees. Its such a shame interesting ruins like this are on private land with no public access...