A short stoll around Glemsford.
Date: 10th January 2017 Distance: 4.75km (2.95 Miles) Parking: Glemsford Church
Start Location: Glemsford Ascent (m/ft): 90m (295ft) Weather:


Time Started: 12:30 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 6 Minutes        
Route: Glemsford Church - Monks Hall - Brook Street - Peverells - Glemsford Church

Glemsford Church. This lovely building sits up on the brow of a hill with a great view in the opposite direction.

The view from the churchyard towards Stanstead.

One of the oldest houses in Glemsford dating from the 15th Century.

As is this one in the village centre.

Plenty of interesting old houses to see here!

A view across the open fields to Long Melford Church.