A short walk along the Suffolk Coast Path at Shingle Street to fly the drone and see the Short Eared Owls.
Date: 22nd January 2017 Distance: 2.6km (1.62 Miles) Parking: Roadside at Shingle Street
Start Location: Shingle Street Ascent (m/ft): 30m (98ft) Weather:


Time Started: 12:30 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour        
Route: Shingle Street - Suffolk Coast Path

Down on the shingle beach.

The long distance view north along Shingle Street to the River Ore heading off to the right.

Joining the Suffolk Coast Path.

We passed a Martello Tower along the way which was built in the 18th Century and used during World War 2.

The concrete walls can be up to 9ft thick on the seaward side. This one seems to have been converted to a house!

Rich blue skies above Shingle Street.

And as luck would have it we saw two Short Eared Owls.