A fantastic first day climbing on Stanage Edge.
Date: 27th March 2017 Rock Grades: Diff - HVD Parking: Popular End Car Park
Location: Stanage Popular End No. of Leads: 1 Weather:


Time Started: 12:30 No. of Routes: 3    
Duration: All Day        

Arriving at the crag and the sun is shining and there's almost nobody about.

Having a few new gadgets allows me to capture some interesting angles. Do take a look at the video if you've not seen it!

Alice is nearing the top of 'Bee'

Stanage is utterly breathtaking.

No better place to climb.

The view north.

Nick climbing up Awl.

Stanage climbers.

The view down to the car park and the hills beyond.

A hazy view to Castleton and towards Kinder Scout.

Stanage Edge heading off into the distance.

Alice taking in the view.

Climbing up Left Twin Chimney.

A wider shot of the climb.

Later on in the day the haze started to clear a little and we could actually see Kinder.

Zooming in for many layers of hills. Thats Kinder in the background, Lose Hill in the midground and Whin Hill to the right with Bamford Edge just infront.

The spectacular sunset.

Climbing through every moment of daylight. Time to head down now. Alice is unable to climb tomorrow so Nick and myself have planned a walk over Kinder Scout from Edale.