High Force and the Pennine Way
Date: 19th November 2017 Distance: 4.76km (2.96 Miles) Parking: High Force Car Park
Start Location: High Force Car Park Ascent (m/ft): 140m (459ft) Weather:


Time Started: 10:35 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 25 Minutes        
Route: High Force Car park - High Force - Pennine Way - High Force - Pennine Way - High Force Car Park
Todays plan was to visit High Force via the tourist path as well as the Pennine Way to get a couple of perspectives on this magnificent waterfall. Afterwards we headed down the road just a mile or so to Gibsons Cave and Summerhill Waterfall before heading over the Pennines to Appleby in Westmoorland.

Trees surrounding the tourist path down to High Force.

A small stream passing under the path.

The River Tees below.

And after just a few minutes walking we get our first look at High Force.

Zoomin in on the falls.

Down on the rocks infront of the falls.

Time to capture a long exposure.

A lovely long exposure of the waterfall. Time to head back up the way we came and join the Pennine Way.

Cross the River Tees to join the Pennine Way.

Coldberry Gutter (the ravine) and Hardberry Hill at 529m above se alevel.

Th River Tees.

A view back along the Pennine Way to Hardberry Hill.

High Force from the Pennine Way.