Steel Fell
Date: 23rd November 2017 Distance: 7.46km (4.63 Miles) Parking: Roadside in Grasmere
Start Location: Grasmere A591 Ascent (m/ft): 568m (1863ft) Weather:

Partly Sunny, Sleet Showers

Time Started: 11:20 Highest Point: Steel Fell (553m/1814ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 Hours 57 Minutes        
Route: Grasmere - Helmside - Cotra Breast - Steel Fell (553m/1814ft) - Cotra Breast - Helmside - Grasmere

With the weather set to improve today, a fell top was dead in our sights and Steel Fell was the chosen option. We chose to start at Grasmere along the A591 and head up Cotra Breast (the south eastern ridge path) to the summit before retracing our steps back to Grasmere. The route is easy to follow with obvious paths right to the summit plateau.

With all aof the recent rain the fellside was soaking wet and nearby streams in spate.

Heading along the A591 right at the start and the fellside is brightening up with glimpses of sunshine.

Silver Howe on the other side of the Vale of Grasmere.

Helm Crag looking beautiful.

Zooming in a little on Helm Crag.

Our chosen fell today; Steel Fell. The path up Cotra Breast blearly visible from down here.

Seat Sandal through the trees.

More sunshine on the fells and a Rainbow to boot!

Crossing the bridge at Helmside.

Rainbow still bright as before.

Heading into Green Burn. Here we turned right and joined the ridge path.

The ridge path up Cotra Breast.

A view starting to open up behind us.

Helm Crag.

Great Rigg and the ridge leading to Stone Arthur.

Grasmere and Loughrigg Fell.

A spectacular cascade along Green Burn.

Seat Sandal in bright sunshine and that Rainbow is still hanging around... Actually its been coming and going but its perfect weather for it with the intermittent showers.

Snow up on the higher fells.

The Vale of Grasmere and Helm Crag.

Green Burn.

Even with the wilds of Green Burn on the left and Dunmail Raise to the right as you walk up the ridge, the best view is behind to the Vale of Grasmere and Helm Crag.

Last push to the summit.

Rainbow is back again!

The Gibson Knott Right with Tarn Crag behind and the Langdale Pikes behind that.

Three ridges leading down to the valley floor. What a contrast in weather from the last two days!

The Vale of Grasmere.

Seat Sandal.

The Howitzer catching the sunshine.

A dusting of snow on St Sunday Crag.

The cloud beginning to lift of Helvellyn. You can just make out the shelter.

The Langdale Pikes.

The slightly lower summit of Steel Fell.

The true summit of Steel Fell. Thats Thirlmere behind and the Helvellyn Range with snow on.

A view south to Windermere.

Hopefully people up there got some views today!

Beginning the sescent back down the ridge.

A final shot of the Vale of Grasmere.

And a quick look back reveals the summit of Helvellyn clear of cloud.