Raise | White Side | Helvellyn Lower Man | Helvellyn | Brown Crags
Date: 24th November 2017 Distance: 13.1km (8.14 Miles) Parking: Roadside Car Park at Stanah
Start Location: Stanah Ascent (m/ft): 1006m (3301ft) Weather:

Partly Sunny, Snow Showers

Time Started: 08:20 Highest Point: Helvellyn (950m/3118ft) Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 5 Hours 16 Minutes        
Route: Stanah - Sticks Pass - Raise (883m/2897ft) - White Side (863m/2831ft) - Helvellyn Lower Man (925m/3035ft) - Helvellyn (950m/3118ft) - Helvellyn Lower Man (925m/3035ft) - White Side - Brown Crag (610m/2001ft) - Stanah

After some decent snowfall overnight and some still remaining on the fells from yesterday I really wanted to get up into the higher fells today and get some snow underfoot so decided on Helvellyn... I mean why not, its the third highest and had a ton of snow on it!

Starting off in Stanah I headed up Sticks Pass to its summit and then followed the Eastern Fells south over Raise and White Side, up to the 950m summit of Helvellyn. This would let me take in two Wainwrights that I need to summit for my second round and the descent would take me to Brown Crags which is a Birkett I need to climb.

The leet which follows a long section of the hillside capturing most of the water flow and channels it down into Thirmere.

Small waterfalls at Stanah Gill.

Great How on the other side of the valley. Some snow up on Bleaberry Fell.

The view south along the valley. Thirlmere is just over there (cant quite see it yet!) and the snowy fell is Ullscarf.

North to High Rigg and beyond, Skiddaw.

High Seat catching the sunshine.

Ullscarf still touching the clouds.

Zooming in on Blencathra to the north as I head around the fellside along Sticks Pass.

The paths up Sticks Pass.

Steep drops along Stanah Gill but great views to go with it.

Watson's Dodd left and Stybarrow Dodd right. Its strange what perspective does, as from here the right hand peak looks the highest, but actually the summit of Stybarrow Dodd is the lump in the middle!

A sheepfold with a view.

Starting to get a view to the central and western fells.

Bleaberry Fell with Grisedale Pike behind to the right.

Dale Head, High Spy and Hindscarth.

Watson's Dodd.

The North Western Fells slowly freeing themselves of cloud.

Doesn't look liek Skiddaw will be free today though.

The fells on the skyline are; Whiteless Pike, Wandope, Crag Hill, Sail and Scar Crags with the summit of Causey Pike on the very right.

Bleaberry Fell in the foreground and Grisedale Pike in the background.

The cold crisp air made the clarity superb today.

Make a dash for it! Raise is currently free of cloud...

Getting distracted by some beautiful icicles.

Looking west down Sticks Gill.

Stybarrow Dodd.

The cairn and crossroads marks the top of Sticks Pass. The view is looking east to Loadpot Hill.

Green Side and Sheffield Pike.

A close up of Sheffield Pike. Distant behind is Loadpot Hill and beyond that the Pennines.

The ski lift.

The cloudy summit cairn on Raise.

A little bit of a view. I waited up here for about 5 or 10 minutes but nothing cleared so decided to move on to White Side.

A break in the clouds gave me a view to Skiddaw which is now clear.

The view west. Looking down on High Seat (middle right), it looks like some snow is melting already.


Beautiful Blencathra.

Lots of lovely snow still up here as I make my way up to White Side.

White Side summit cairn/shelter.

Superb to be up here in the sunshine. Too cold to hang around now so I headed south towards Helvellyn.

A misty view to Helvellyn Lower Man.

And a much clearer view of Helvellyn Lower Man.

Superb winter mountain scenery.

East down Kepple Cove to Glenridding. Small section of Ullswater seen past Sheffield Pike.

A close up of Sheffield Pike and Ullswater. The distant Pennines behind about 25 miles away.

Kepple Cove and the mighty pyramid of Catstye Cam.

A view back to White Side.

And to the north west the view of Thirlmere, Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw. Looks like snow is inbound!

Browncove Crags, 859m at its summit and neither a Wainwright nor a Birkett Fell.

A better perspective of Kepple Cove and Catstye Cam.

No views from the summit of Helvellyn Lower Man.

No views from Helvellyn either but amazing to be up here in the snow.

Frozen Trig point.

The summit cairn just a few seconds walk from the Trig. It was here I took refuge in the shelter and had some lunch. The going was quite treacherous, the ice covering almost the complete fellside so decided to stick on the crampons to make the descent safer.

A bit of a cornice developing. Keep well back!

Finally out of the cloud again and this is another view of Browncove Crags.

Looking past the crags to Great Gable.

Dale Head.

Distant Pillar. Below the fell you can make out the old tram line and the top of Honister Pass and its slate mine.

Well by the looks of it the summit is now clear. Maybe I should have waited a bit longer.

But to make up for it that is a spectacular view north.

Im currently heading along a faint path around the side of White Side heading for that small summit just ahead called Brown Crag.

A view up to Watsons Dodd and Stybarrow Dodd again. Between the two is Great Dodd.

Snow on the path showing my route to Brown Crag. Just follow the views on the way down!

No cairn marking the summit but the top is obvious, here looking west to High Seat and Bleaberry Fell. Almost all the snow gone from them since this morning.

Another photo of the summit this time looking to Skiddaw.

Blencathra always looks so stunning from this angle.


Possibly one of the best views on todays walk!

Getting close to the valley floor now, keeping close to Fisherplace Gill.

And a final view up to Blencathra from Stanah. What a mighty mountain that is.