Little Langdale | Cathedral Quarry | Hodge Close
Date: 2nd February 2018 Distance: 7.88km (4.89 Miles) Parking: Roadside in Little Langdale
Start Location: Little Langdale Ascent (m/ft): 200m (656ft) Weather:


Time Started: 10:10 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 Hours 26 Minutes        
Route: Little Langdale - Slater Bridge - Cathedral Quarry - Stang End - Hodge Close Quarry - High Oxen Fell - Low Oxen Fell - High Park - Stang End - Little Langdale

The weather for today was set to be superb, with warm wall to wall sunshine. We had planned to walk this route at some point this week so why not during the best weather. The sky was blue and the surrounding fells coated in a thin layer of snow.

The route itself took us past Little Langdale Tarn, over Slater Bridge and to Cathedral Quarry first before following a good track across to Hodge Close. I have never been to Hodge Close Quarry but seen numerous pictures and wanded to visit for quite some time.

A view over tot the snow covered peaks of Wetherlam and Great Carrs from the start of the walk. It looks like today is going to be a cracking day!

Zooming in on Wetherlam and Great Carrs.

A wide show of Wetherlam again. This time I'm just next to the pub in Little Langdale.

The Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale. It was just after the Pub we turned left towards Little Langdale Tarn.

Looking back to the pub.

Following the signs for Slaters Bridge.

The path follows gentle fields n the direction of Wetherlam before turning off to the Tarn.

Lingmoor Fell.

I turned right along the wall for the better view of the tarn below.

Zooming in on Wetherlam and Great Carrs.

A superb view of Little Langdale Tarn.

Slater Bridge below Great Intake.

Couldn't have chosen a better place to walk today.

Lingmoor Fell again.

The beautiful 16th Century packhorse bridge; Slater Bridge.

The bridge in portrait.

After crossing the bridge the views to Wrynose Pass open up again. It was here we turned left towards Cathedral Quarry.

The distant Ill Bell Ridge of fells covered in snow today.

Deep inside Cathedral Cave.

The tall central supporting pillar.

Outside the cavern.

Looking down through the window.

Lingmoor Fell.

Im now on the track leading to Hodge Close Quarry and the views of Wetherlam get better as we progress.

The view back past Wrynose Fell to Bowfell which overlooks Great Langdale.


Looking back to Little Langdale.

Wetherlam again towering over the disused quarries.

Seat Sandal and Fairfield.

Breathtaking views down at Hodge Close Quarry.

The quarry is popular with outdoor adventure groups, whilse we were here there was a group on the far side.

Another huge quarry next to Hodge Close.

A sense of scale...

Time to enjoy the beautiful view whilst having lunch.

Wetherlam and Hodge Close.

Distant snowy fells.

An almost cloudless sky with distant views to the Fairfield Horseshoe.

Looking up Little Langdale to Pike O'Blisco and Lingmoor Fell.

Pike O'Blisco, Bowfell and on the right is Rossett Pike I think.

Seat Sandal with the Helvellyn Range in the clouds.

Fairfield Horseshoe.

Little Langdale and surrounding fells.

A wider shot of Little Langdale.

Such a beautiful view...

Our road back round to Little Langdale.

North East to Fairfield.

East to the Ill Bell Ridge.

Zooming in on Froswick and Ill Bell.

Blue skies over Lingmoor Fell.

A final photo of Little Langdale. After arriving back at the car we decided on a quick stop off at Colwith Force.

Colwith Force.

Plenty of water thanks to the recent snowmelt.