Loughrigg Terrace & Loughrigg Caves
Date: 27th January 2018 Distance: 6.51km (4.04 Miles) Parking: White Moss Car Park
Start Location: White Moss Ascent (m/ft): 200m (656ft) Weather:


Time Started: 12:36 Highest Point: Loughrigg Terrace (145m/476ft) Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours 2 Minutes        
Route: White Moss - Grasmere - Red Bank - Loughrigg Terrace - Loughrigg Caves - Rydal Water - White Moss

The weatehr was set to be pretty poor today, with some gusty wind and showers. Knowing that we decided on staying low and keeping below the cloud to get some views. Wechose to walk along Loughrigg Terrace to Loughrigg Caves as its been a few years since we were last here andthe walk along the terrace is always beautiful in almost any weather!

It wold seem that quite a few people had the same idea but thankfully we arrived at a good time to miss most of the crouds but as expected there were lots of people at the caves.

Interesting tree covered in moss and ferns.

A view across to Dunney Beck and what would be Nab Scar.

Our first view of Grasmere.

Grasmere weir outflow.

A view up the lake to Helm Crag.

Zoomin in on Helm Crag.

Looking back to White Moss and Grasmere weir.

All is murky and misty today but the views are still grand.

A small beck and fallen trees.

After gaining some height we get a little view through the trees.

A small stream on the edge of the woodland and the Grasmere weir far below.

The views really open up along the Terrace path.


Zooming in to see Helm Crag more clearly and to the right is Dunmail Raise.

Quarry workings. Lets head up and take a look...

Deep quarry workings and a possible level...

The level of the quarry. That was as far as I was happy to walk. Time to head back down to the terrace path.

Rydal Water comes into view.

A slightly better view from further along the path.

The western end of Rydal Water and White Moss where we started.

Approaching Loughrigg Caves (aka Rydal Caves)

The huge quarry level.

Looking inside...

Lots of walkers about today visiting the caves.

It took a while but managed a picture with no-one in it!

Additional levels nearby.

Time to head down to the lakeshore path.

A view over the water to High Pike and Low Pike.

Zooming in on High and Low Pikes'.

Following the Rydal Water lakeshore path.

The water level was pretty high today.

Nab Scar now free of the thick cloud.

A final view over the wall to Rydal Water before we entered the woods back at White Moss.