Sour Howes & Sallows From Kentmere
Date: 30th January 2018 Distance: 10.6km (6.58 Miles) Parking: Kentmere Village Hall
Start Location: Kentmere Ascent (m/ft): 529m (1736ft) Weather:

Cloudy, Cold Wind

Time Started: 10:45 Highest Point: Sallows (516m/1693ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 4 Hours 7 Minutes        
Route: Kentmere - Kentmere Hall - Whiteside End - Capple Howe (445m/1460ft) - Sour Howes (483m/1585ft) - Moor Head - Sallows (516m/1693ft) - Garburn Pass - Kentmere
Its been many years since I was last up Sour Howes and Sallows so todays walk we headed down to Kentmere to walk these grassy fells from the eastern side. I planned a route that would take us up Capple Howe first before following the wall along the summit ridge to Sallows.

Following the Bridleway towards Kentmere Hall.

Looking south down Kentmere.

Looking north west to lots of crags below Yoke.

Hollow Moor.
Looking back down to Kentmere Hall which is having considerable structural work done on it.

A little hole into an old quarry level. I put the camera in and turned the flash on to see whats inside and its a bit shocking!

I would guess a fox has been using this as a shelter as it was full of animal bones...

A view back to Kentmere village and Shipman Knotts behind.

A wider view back from where we have come from.

Hollow Moor.

Looking south to fells around Staveley.

Kentmere Tarn comes into view.

Kentmere Tarn.

The view south... the ground showing how wet it has been of late.

The Staveley Fells.

Sallows just touching the low cloud.

A view of Windermere from the steep climb to Capple Howe.

A quarry on Sallows.

A wide shot of Sallows.

The summit of Capple Howe looking to Sour Howes.

The view to Windermere from Capple Howe.


I think thats Dubbs Reservoir down there.

Windermere again from the walk to Sour Howes.

Zooming in on Windermere.

Sour Howes summit.

Troutbeck Tongue with higher fells lost in the thick cloud.

Following the wall path to Sallows.

The summit of Sallows.

Descending down the Garburn Road to Kentmere.

A final view back from the descent path.