Tarn Crag | Easedale Tarn
Date: 31th January 2018 Distance: 12.5km (7.76 Miles) Parking: Roadside A591
Start Location: Grasmere Ascent (m/ft): 694m (2277ft) Weather:

Cloudy, Cold Wind

Time Started: 09:40 Highest Point: Tarn Crag (550m/1804ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 Hours 46 Minutes        
Route: A591 - Butharlyp Howe - Easedale Road - Far Easedale - Stythwaite Steps - Greathead Crag - Tarn Crag (550m/1804ft) - Codale Tarn - Belles Knott - Easedale Tarn - Sour Milk Gill - Easedale - Grasmere

The weather was set to be Ok today, with some intermittent sunshine later on and occaisional snow and hail showers. I decided to head back down to Grasmere and head up Tarn Crag and return via Codale Tarn and Easedale Tarn. I have nrever been up to Codale Tarn and this would also give me the chance to head up Belles Knott which I have wanted to do for many years now.

The route was fairly easy going but the ridge to Tarn Crag does feel longer than it actually is but the views more than make up for it!

A dusting of snow on Helm Crag at the very start of the walk.

Here I am following the path towards Easedale with Tarn Crag on the skyline.

Zooming in on Tarn Crag and the ridge I will follow to the summit.

Seat Sandal and Fairfield have plenty of snow on them.

Some intermittent sunny spells before the hail started.

An enchanting path towards Easedale.

Sourmilk Gill flowing down the fellside. The path alongside will be my choice of descent.

Heading into Easedale. Up ahead is Pike of Carrs near Calf Crag.

Zooming in on Pike of Carrs.

Contrast and reflectons of blue skies, dark clouds, mountains and snow.

Crossing the footbridge at Stythwaite Steps. The name actually refers to stepping stones just out of the photo to the left. Without the footbridge crossing would have been a rather wet experience.

Ive gained some height here now as I headed up the path towards Easedale Tarn and as you can see its hailing again. The mountain in view is a profile of Helm Crag.

Gibson Knott.

Looking down the ridge to the Vale of Grasmere.

Loughrigg Fell.

Easedale Tarn below Blea Rigg.

Zooming in on Easedale Tarn and Blea Crag.

Great Castle How.

Another view down the ridge.

Contrasting skies around Nethermost Pike and Gibson Knott.

It was absolutely delightful when the sun came out, making the snow blindingly white and the dark clouds appear darker than normal.

A view over Sourmilk Gill to Loughrigg Fell and Silver How.

Gibson Knott and the ridge to Calf Crag lit up in the warm sunshine.

Looking down to the Vale of Grasmere and Helm Crag to the left.

Seat Sandal behind Helm Crag.

Tarn Crag up ahead.

A view over to Far Easedale. Calf Crag and behind is Ullscarf.

Not far to go now. The peak on the left ovvers the best view of Easedale Tarn but the summit is the pointed peak in the middle.

The pointed summit of Tarn Crag.

A superb view down to Easedale Tarn.

The view back to Grasmere.

The southern end of the Helvellyn Range with Seat Sandal and Fairfield.

A view over to the tops of the Langdale Pikes.

Zooming in on the Langdale Pikes.

The summit of Tarn Crag.

A small zfrozen summit cairn looking to Steel Fell and the Helvellyn Range.

The summit of Tarn Crag looking to Grasmere, Rydal Water and Windermere.

I only hung around for a minute or two as the wind was bitterly cold up here.

A final photo of the cairn before moving on.

A brief glimpse of sunshine.

Shaft of light.

Heading over to Codale Tarn.

Following a faint trail to the tarn. This is the first time I have ever walked down to the tarn which was a real treat.

A short steep descent and a simple route to the tarn. Just by the sheepfold on the right are a couple of Deer.

Crags and snow.

Considering its has been so cold the tarn had no ice on it.

Codale Tarn.

Waters Edge.

A very picturesque tarn. Im now heading up Belles Knott which from this side looks like a grassy lump.

This is the summit of Belles Knott.Definately not as interesting as it looks from the other side.

The view down to where I'm now heading. The way down was as treacherous is it looks...

See... Belles Knott looks increadible from this angle.

Made it down safely but great care was needed as the path is rocky in places.

A view back up to Belles Knott.

Tarn Crag and Easedale Tarn catch the sunshine.

This rectangular structure at the mouth of Easedale Tarn is the remains of an old building used to serve victorian visitors refreshments. As I took this picture I quickly looked behind and saw this...

Lashings of hail heading my way!

Sourmilk Gill Waterfall.

Cascades down the fellside.

Another shot of Sourmilk Gill.

Down at the valley floor now and the snow has cleared up considerably.

And a final photo showing Heron Pike and Nab Scar covered in snow as I make my way back into Grasmere.