Stour Valley Path | Day 3
Date: 7th June 2018 Distance: 20km (12.42 Miles) Parking: N/A
Start Location: Long Melford Ascent (m/ft): 200m (656ft) Weather:

Sunny, Hot 25C

Time Started: 08:15 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 6 Hours 7 Minutes        
Route: Stour Valley Path - Day 3
Long Melford - Liston - The Valley Walk - Borley Mill - Brundon - Sudbury Water Meadows - Ballingdon - Great Henny - The Valley Farm - Lamarsh - Bures

Day 3 of my route along the Stour Valley Path and today was taking me from Long Melford to either Bures or Nayland depending on how hot it was. It ended up being only to Bures which is a fair bit shorter than previous days and only because of the sweltering 25C heat.

The route was absolutely beautiful in places. Sudbury Meadows was a real highlight as well as the gentle hills around Middleton and Lamarsh. My original plan was to walk the wholse route in 4 sections but due to the intense and seemingly endless heat wave I decided to split the last 2 days into 3 to reduce the chance of heat exhaustion.

Early morning here in Long Melford and its already about 19 degrees.

Stunning timber framed house along the high street. Currently for sale at £1.25 Million...

The Bull Hotel.

A pillbox at Rodbridge. This will be one of dozens seen on todays walk.

Brundon Mill.

Pointing the way to go.

One of several ponds at Sudbury Meadows.

The pond my the Mill Hotel.

A beautiful blue cornflower in Ballingdon Park.

Gaining a little height around Middleton allowing for distant views.

Gentle hills around Middleton. This is the closest thing you will get to a 'hill' around Sudbury.

Great Henny Church.

To Lamarsh... then to Bures...

A panorama of the open fields and view near Great Henny.

More gentle hills near Lamarsh.

It might not look like much but its about 150ft descent down to Lamarsh Church.

Lamarsh Church.

The Lamarsh Lion.

And here I am by the River Stour in Bures. Time to get the train back and cool off. By this point it was around 25 degrees.