St Edmund Way: Day 3 - Sudbury to Lavenham  
Date: 18th & 24th October 2018 Distance: 19.2km (11.92 Miles) Parking: N/A
Start Location: Sudbury Ascent (m/ft): 150m (492ft) Weather:


Time Started: 10:10 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 5 Hours 17 Minutes        
Route: St Edmund Way - Part 3
Sudbury - Sudbury Meadows - Brundon - Rodbridge - Liston - Long Melford - Melford Hall - Kentwell Park - The Lavenham Walk - Lavenham

Day three (which again I had to split into two days due to work) involves a 12 mile route along much of the old railway line that once linked these towns and villages.

Narrow streets of Sudbury.

Sudbury Church.

Pillbox along the river at Sudbury Meadows.

St Edmund and Stour Valley Paths.

Lucky enough to see a Whooper Swan at Brundon.


Brundon Mill.

On the old railway towards Melford.

Fantastic easy walking.

Another pillbox near Rodbridge.

Liston Church.

The River Stour.

Melford Church.

The historic Bull Hotel in Melford.

The spectacular church in Melford.

Complete with a Lady Chapel.

The route to Lavenham.

Kentwell Drive.

Back on the old railway line leading to Lavenham.

The lavenham walk.

Another pillbox next to the railway line. There are many around Lavenham which can be seen from the path.

Under the old bridges.

Lavenham Church.

DeVere House - Godricks Hollow from Harry Potter

The ancient Guildhall - owned and managed by the National Trust.

Lavenham High Street and the end of the walk today.