Black Combe
Birkett - The Southern Fells
Height: 600m (1970ft)
Prominence: 362m (1188ft)
Times Summited:

Wainwright calls Blencathra a 'Mountaineers Mountain'. It has several ridges; Sharp Edge and Hall's Fell Ridge to offer exciting routes of ascent. It sits at the north eastern edge of the lakes, the last great outpost before the hills lower into the Eden Valley and eventually up to the Pennines. It is a very popular mountain to climb so I would recommend an early start to get a parking space in one of the laybys along the A66.

Caution: Sharp Edge and Halls Fell Ridge are both grade 1 scrambles and can be too much for inexperienced walkers/scramblers. There is great exposure on both ridges with long steep drops on both sides. Easier routes would be up Scales Fell, Blease Fell or to Scales Tarn and then turning south west to avoid Sharp Edge.


Additional Birkett Summits Height Summits
Black Combe South Top 587m (1926ft)  
Stoupdale Head 472m (1548ft)  
White Combe 415m (1361ft)  
White Hall Knott

311m (1020ft)