Black Sails

Birkett - The Southern Fells

Height: 745m (2443ft)
Prominence: 26m (85ft)
Times Summited: 01
Black Sails is a subsidiary peak of Wetherlam and only 17m lower than the main summit 600m away to the north east.
The summit cairn on Black Sails.
21st April 2014 Walna Scar - Church Beck - Hole Rake - Kitty Crag (435m/1427ft) - Long Crag (421m/1381ft) - High Wythow (410m/1345ft) - Low Wythow (372m/1220ft) - Brackeney Crag (370m/1212ft) - Crook Beck - Steel Edge - Wetherlam (762m/2500ft) - Black Sails (745m/2443ft) - Swirl Hawse - Prison Band - Swirl How (802m/2630ft) - Great Carrs (785m/2575ft) - Grey Friar (773m/2536ft) - Levers Hawse - Brim Fell (796m/2611ft) - Coniston Old Man (803m/2633ft) - Low Water - Walna Scar