Gowk Hill

Birkett - The Far EasternFells

Height: 471m (1545ft)
Prominence: 11m (36ft)
Times Summited: 01
Gowk Hill overlooks Fusedale, Martindale, Bannerdale and Ramps Gill. It stands at a height of 471m but has higher peaks on most directions so the view is fairly local. It is a subsidiary peak of Wether Hill which is just to the east and 200m higher.
This single stone marks the summit of Gowk Hill. A cairn is located to the west but is 2m lower.
12th January 2015 Martindale Church - The Coombs - Steel End - Pikeawassa on Steel Knotts (432m/1417ft) - Brownthwaite Crag (444m/1457ft) - Gowk Hill (471m/1545ft) - Wether Hill (670m/2198ft) - Lowther House (Ruins) - Loadpot Hill (672m/2205ft) - Swarth Fell (545m/1788ft) - Bonscale Pike (524m/1719ft) - Swarth Beck - Arthurs Pike (533m/1749ft) - High Street Roman Road - Brown Rigg - Moor Divock - The Cockpit Stonecircle - Lock Bank - Howtown - Martindale Church