High Nook on Gavel Fell
Birkett - The Western Fells Height: 488m (1601ft) Prominence: 20m (66ft) Times Summited: 01
High Nook infront of Hen Comb.
High Nook and Gavel Fell.
The summit cairn on High Nook.
27th January 2016 Nr Fangs Brow Farm - Owsen Fell (409m/1342ft) - Burnbank Fell (475m/1558ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Loweswater End of Carling Knott (519m/1703ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Sharp Knott (482m/1581ft) - Blake Fell (573m/1880ft) - Gavel Fell (526m/1726ft) - High Nook on Gavel Fell (488m/1601ft) - Highnook Tarn - Loweswater Terrace Path - Holme Beck - Nr Fangs Brow Farm