Ill Crag (Newlands)

Birkett - The North Western Fells

Height: 546m (1791ft)
Prominence: 20m (66ft)
Times Summited: 02
Ill Crag is a subsidiary peak of Knott Rigg and is just to the north east of the main summit. It overlooks a small valley called Ill Gill to the east.
The valley of Ill Gill.
20th March 2012 Rigg Beck - Keskadale Farm - Newlands Pass - Knott Rigg (556m/1824ft) - Ill Crag (Newlands) (546m/1791ft)Ard Crags (581m/1906ft) - Aikin Knott - Rigg Beck
5th April 2010 Rigg Beck Quarry - Keskadale Farm - Knott Rigg (105) (556m/1824ft)  - Ill Crag (Newlands) (546m/1791ft) - Ard Crags (106) (581m/1906ft) - Rigg Screes - Rigg Beck - Rigg Beck Quarry