Loweswater End of Carling Knott

Birkett - The Western Fells

Height: 519m (1703ft)
Prominence: 8m (26ft)
Times Summited: 01

A smaller subsidiary of Carling Knott which is located just to the south west. This peak is of moderate height and offers better views down towards Loweswater from the edge of the plateau.

Loweswater End of Carling Knott is the fell on the left with the main summit in the centre.
The summit cairn on Carling Knott - Loweswater End.
27th January 2016 Nr Fangs Brow Farm - Owsen Fell (409m/1342ft) - Burnbank Fell (475m/1558ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Loweswater End of Carling Knott (519m/1703ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Sharp Knott (482m/1581ft) - Blake Fell (573m/1880ft) - Gavel Fell (526m/1726ft) - High Nook on Gavel Fell (488m/1601ft) - Highnook Tarn - Loweswater Terrace Path - Holme Beck - Nr Fangs Brow Farm