Orthwaite Bank

Birkett - The Northern Fells

Height: 348m (1142ft)
Prominence: 7m (23ft)
Times Summited: 01

Orthwaite Bank is a low fell on the very western most edge of Great Cockup in the Northern Fells. It is usually summited along with Little Cockup nearby and Great Cockup itself but there are no defined paths to the top.

The summit is marked by a few stones with an excellent views South, West and North. Unfortunately the view east is blocked by Great Cockup.

The summit stones on Orthwaite Bank.
The view north from the summit.
24th January 2016 Peter House Farm - Horsemoor Hills - Orthwaite Bank (348m/1142ft) - Little Cockup (395m/1296ft) - Burntod Gill - Great Calva (690m/2264ft) - Little Calva (642m/2106ft) - Dry Gill - White Hause (465m/1526ft) - Dry Gill - Whitewater Dash - Cumbria Way - Peter House Farm