Swineside Knott

Birkett - The Eastern Fells

Height: 553m (1811ft)
Prominence: 19m (62ft)
Times Summited: 01
Swineside Knott is a small prominantry along the ridge leading to Common Fell from Brown Hills and Hart Side. The fell can easily be missed or passed without noticing.
The grassy summit of Swineside Knott.
21st April 2014 Glenridding - The Rake - Glenridding Dodd (442m/1450ft) - Heron Pike (612m/2008ft) - Sheffield Pike (675m/2215ft) - White Stones (795m/2608ft) - Hart Side (756m/2480ft) - Birkett Fell (725m/2379ft) - Brown Hills (551m/1808ft) - Swineside Knott (553m/1814ft) - Watermillock Common - Common Fell (552m/1811ft) - Round How (387m/1270ft) - Bracken How (373m/1270ft) - High Force - Aira Force