White Stones (Green Side) - Glencoyne

Birkett - The Eastern Fells

Height: 795m (2608ft)
Prominence: 31m (102ft)
Times Summited: 01
Green Side is a rounded grassy mountain east of Stybarrow Dodd. The summit is called White Stones and consists of a series of cairns along the top which makes it hard to find the actual summit. The views west are blocked by the mass of Stybarrow Dodd, but east, north and south there are open views to the surrounding fells. The views east are substantially better about 600m to the east at Glencoyne Head where the views open up and you can get a full length view of Glencoyne Valley down to Ullswater.

One of the many cairns on Green Side.

The top of Green Side looking up to Stybarrow Dodd.
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