Fen Rivers Way

Distance: 80km (50 Miles) Max Height: 19m (62ft) Ascent: 282m (925ft) Start: Cambridge Finish: Kings Lynn
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The Fen Rivers Way is a 50 mile long distance trail following the River Cam and River Great Ouse from the centre of Cambridge to near the wash at Kings Lynn. The route generally follows riverbank paths through grazing marsh along the Western side although an Eastern alternative is waymarked.

Highlights Along The Route:
Historic Cambridge, River Cam Towpath, River Cam, Great Ouse Rver, Historic City of Ely, Littleport, Downham Market, Wildlife along the Great Ouse, Historic Kings Lynn

Route Completed 20th March 2019

  22nd February 2019
Fen Rivers Way - Part 1
Distance: 11.1km (6.89 Miles)
Ascent: 26m (85ft)
Time: 3 Hours 4 Minutes

  25th February 2019
Fen Rivers Way - Part 2
Distance: 18.4km (11.43 Miles)
Ascent: 60m (197ft)
Time: 4 Hours 48 Minutes

  27th February 2019
Fen Rivers Way - Part 3
Distance: 12.5km (7.76 Miles)
Ascent: 60m (197ft)
Time: 3 Hours 14 Minutes

  5th March 2019
Fen Rivers Way - Part 4
Distance: 20.6km (12.79 Miles)
Ascent: 95m (312ft)
Time: 4 Hours 40 Minutes

  20th March 2019
Fen Rivers Way - Part 5
Downham Market
Distance: 21km (13.04 Miles)
Ascent: 90m (197ft)
Time: 5 Hours 2 Minutes