Marriott's Way
Distance: 34km (21 Miles) Max Height: 55m (180ft) Start: Norwich
Ascent: 243m (797ft)   Finish: Aylsham
Route Information:
The Marriott's Way was named after William Marriott and follows the disused railway link between Norwich and Aylsham via Reepham. Other than numerous opportunities to visit the River Wensum along the route, highlights include the lakes at Lenwade, numerous railway bridges and lots of peaceful norfolk countryside. The route is popular with cyclists and can be completed in a single day but a stop off at Reepham is worthwhile.
21st April 2010
Norwich to Reepham along the Marriots Way Distance: 21.6km (13.41 Mile)
Ascent: 160m (525ft)
Time: 4 Hours 45 Minutes