Armboth Fell
Wainwright - The Central Fells Height: 479m (1571ft) Prominence: 25m (82ft) Times Summited: 02

The rocky outcrop that is the summit of Armboth Fell with High Tove and High Seat behind.
12th September 2014 Armboth - Fisher Gill - High Tove (515m/1690ft) - Middle Crags (484m/1588ft) - Armboth Fell (479m/1752ft) - Fisher Crag (421m/1381ft) - Fishercrag Plantation - Armboth
12th November 2009 Armboth Car Park - High Tove (92) (515m/1689ft) - Armboth Fell (93) (479m/1571ft) - Fisher Crag (421m/1381ft) - Armboth Car Park