Knott Rigg
Wainwright - The North Western Fells Height: 556m (1824ft) Prominence: 61m (200ft) Times Summited: 02

The summit of Knott Rigg looking along the ridge to Ard Crags.
The summit cairn looking to the Ill Gill Ridge which takes you down to Keskadale Farm.
20th March 2012 Rigg Beck - Keskadale Farm - Newlands Pass - Knott Rigg (556m/1824ft) - Ill Crag (Newlands) (546m/1791ft)Ard Crags (581m/1906ft) - Aikin Knott - Rigg Beck
5th April 2010 Rigg Beck Quarry - Keskadale Farm - Knott Rigg (105) (556m/1824ft)  - Ill Crag (Newlands) (546m/1791ft) - Ard Crags (106) (581m/1906ft) - Rigg Screes - Rigg Beck - Rigg Beck Quarry