Day 2 and its time to gain some proper height! The distance to the next camp was only 8km with a height gain of about 1500m so it was uphill nearly all the way! Once at camp me and Gregg decided to head off and climb a nearby peak which was at about 3300m.


Date: 18th June 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1917m (6289ft)
  Start Location: Azaden Valley Highest Point: Unnamed Peak (3,300m/10,827ft)
  Time Started: 08:00 Parking: N/A
  Duration: 6 Hours 36 Minutes Weather: Sunny - Cloud below us

11.0km (6.83 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult

The Azaden Valley & An Unnamed Peak Above Camp

Just a few minutes from camp and looking to the head of the Azaden Valley. Tonights destination is up in the top left of the photo just below the peaks you can see.
Cultivated terraces growing crops like Barley.
Low cloud over to the north in the direction of Marrakech.
An interesting tree along the path.
Cant quite work out what the cloud is doing - it looks like its go away from us now. Yesterday we passed the village and radio tower you can see.
More cultivated terraces at the head of the Azaden Valley with peaks approaching 4000m towering above. Our route took us through the farm and through a ravine in the centre of the photo.
Mountain goat climbing trees!
A small waterfall along the path through the ravine.
A rainbow at the bottom of a much larger waterfall. I think this one was about 150ft+ tall.
A stunning waterfall and perfect stop for a rest.
A wide shot of the waterfall.
I think that mountain is called Adrai Adj and is about 3129m. We were almost at camp by this point and it looks like the cloud is really starting to cover the valley floor.
This is where camp was set up (that is the toilet tent!) and the path you can see going round to the left is the one we are taking tomorrow. It was only about 12:30 by this point so me and Gregg went off on another little walk to the rounded peak in the centre of the photo next to the stream and another over to the right.

Home for the night - couldn't have chosen a better spot myself!

Well what an amazing view of the camp and the ocean of cloud below us! Wonder if it will be like this for sunset?
This is the view down to camp from the first little rounded peak on todays optional walk.
Close up of camp.
The summit rocks on this unnamed peak. I cant seem to find a good map of the Atlas Mountains to find out what this little peak is called!
Gregg overlooking the fantastic view.
My handprint! That makes me the first in the group to touch the snow!
The very top of the second unnamed summit on todays optional. I must say that the view from here was absolutely spectacular with several peaks to the west about 30 miles away and standing at about 3600m.
Mountains in the mist - a view spanning 30 miles.
This peak has a similar shape to Catstye Cam in the lakes - albeit more than 3.5 times lower
Immense crags around tomorrows path - you can see countless zig-zags ups the pass in the centre.
A panoramic shot taken on the way down. Click to see larger version (1Mb).
The sun is starting to set and the mountains are changing colour.
From brown to orange...
...and orange to red...
The sky and ocean of cloud after sunset - Sorry for no photo but I was shooting a video of the whole thing which you will be able to see soon once I have cut the whole thing together!
Peaks disappearing into the mist and cloud.
One of the major shocks this evening was how bright the moon was. It was easy to see about without a torch.
Silhouettes at sundown.
Marrakesh about 40 miles away.
Time for a bit of night-time photography!

It was so much fun taking these pictures - this one is on a 30s exposure and I managed to capture three shooting stars darting across the night sky! I was hoping to capture the Milky Way but the moon made it too bright I think. Toubkal Base Camp tomorrow!

Toubkal Day 3