Starting off at 3000m above sea level today, we headed along a fairly level path to a pass and gained another 600m to an altitude of 3600m which is the highest I have ever been. At the top of the pass I summited a peak just off the path and we also had our first view of Toubkal and what a mighty mountain it is!


Date: 19th June 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1096m (3596ft)
  Start Location: Azaden Valley - 3000m Highest Point: Aguelzim Pass (3,567m/11,703ft)
  Time Started: 08:00 Parking: N/A
  Duration: 4 Hours 58 Minutes Weather: Sunny

8.63km (5.36 Miles)

Difficulty: Moderate

Atlas Mountains Trek - Day 3

The Azaden Valley - Unnamed Peak - Aguelzim Pass - Toubkal Base Camp

Starting todays walk in the early morning shade before the sun rises high enough in the sky. The valley you can see heading away from us is the one we walked down yesterday and the day before.
Layers of mountains - the one in the foreground is about 2 miles away, the background peaks are about 30miles away!
A wider shot showing the peaks in the last photo and also our path at the bottom from camp.
The peak me and Gregg summited yesterday.
Almost endless amount of zig-zags later and we are still heading up!
Stunning views west along the Atlas Mountains.
John had a bit of a tumble when part of the path collapsed underneath her but she was Ok after a little bit of help up.
Nearing the top of the pass and the sun in shining.
Amazing Atlas Mountains.
The view from the peak that I scrambled across too - the ridge (although short) was very similar to Sharp Edge on Blencathra except the drop on either side was mugh higher!
The peak along the rocky ridge.
A Panorama of the High Atlas Mountains. Click to see larger version (858kb).
Mountains way off in the distance - these are about 1050m high and about 60 miles away.

Our first view of Mt Toubkal from the top of the pass.

Toubkal Massif Panorama - Click for larger version (1.2Mb).
A panorama in the opposite direction looking towards the north to Marrakesh. Click for larger version (1.1Mb).
Close up of Toubkal summit with the obvious structure on the summit.
Yep! Thats where we will be tomorrow!!
The view east along the Atlas Mountains.
Imlil down in the valley to the north east.
Ouanoukrim (4,088m/13,412ft)
Toubkal and Ouanoukrim.

The Toubkal Refuge and base camp for the next 2 nights. Time to have an afternoon off (although I would have liked to do another optional) but nothing can compare to Toubkal tomorrow!

Toubkal Day 4