It was a nice early start today to get to the summit of Toubkal before the sun became too intense and although it was a bit of a slog up and down the views were more than fantastic!


Date: 20th June 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1301m (4268ft)
  Start Location: Toubkal Basecamp Highest Point: Mt Toubkal (4,167m/13,671ft)
  Time Started: 06:00 Parking: N/A
  Duration: 6 Hours 27 Minutes Weather: Sunny

8.22km (5.11 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult

Toubkal Basecamp - Mt Toubkal (4,167m/13,671ft) - Toubkal Basecamp

Most of the ascent was completed in the shade. This photo is of the other side of the valley with a series of peak at about 3900m.
The sun about to break over the ridge.
A view back down the zig-zag path to the surrounding peaks. The sharp point on the right looks like a photographic error but it isn't - it's actually a very sharp bit of rock!
Now at the top of the ridge which heads straight to the summit and this is the view down the other side to the Anti Atlas Mountains.
We are almost at 4000m here and the rocky peak over there is a lower subsidiary of Toubkal.
Layers of mountains towards the Anti Atlas Mountains. The highest point on the horizon is about 3300m above sea level and the highest point in the Anti Atlas.
Enjoying the amazing views from the ridge.
Ouanoukrim (4,088m/13,412ft)
Toubkal summit seen ahead!
The amazing view east along the Atlas Mountains.
Ouanoukrim from Toubkal.
The summit of Toubkal.
Celebrations for the highest peak I've ever summited!

Our group there was: Ken, James, Andrew, Abdullah, Kate, Dot, Vicky, Mette, Grzegorz, Trudi, Me and Tim. Jo who was on the trip was too ill to join us to the summit.

The Atlas Mountains.
A 3600m mountain about 23 miles away.
Adrar n Dern at 4001m.
The view north to Imlil. We will be staying down there tomorrow night with great views back to here.
Time to sit down and take it all in.
Out guide - Abdullah.
Djebel Siroua - 3304m.
More rocky peaks many miles beyond the Anti Atlas.
A 270 degree panorama from the summit of Toubkal. Click for larger version (1.35Mb).
The walk down was a bit of a slog and was very lose under foot. I think nearly all of us slipped at least once!
We descended back down the same way we came up to get back to basecamp.

Well defined crags and rocks on the other side of the valley.

Toubkal Day 5